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We realize that homeowners are not familiar with the costs associated with proper basement finishing, and the number one question is "how much will it cost ?". Pricing is not as complex as some would like you to believe. Below are some pricing guidelines to assist you in this area. One thing to remember, you will only know for sure when we look at and price your desires and needs. Read through this information. If you have been doing your research, you will note we are well below Western PA / Ohio standards of $35 to $45 per square foot. 

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Our average costs per square foot: 
Most basic basement projects will fall within a price range of $18 to $23 per square foot depending on the scope of the project, such as, multi rooms, cut stair walls, or the addition of a bathroom, kitchen, bar, closet's, built-ins, crown molding, soffit, or similar projects.

What our pricing includes:
Our price will include material and labor costs of framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC vents and returns from existing unit, vapor barrier, drywall and finish, including ceiling, prime and paint (single color), all trim (paint grade 2-1/4" casing, 3-1/4" base). Paint grade six panel doors, recessed lighting package and trim kits. Every proposal will reflect a paint credit for those clients that want to paint and save that cost. 

What our pricing does not include:
Light fixtures, door knobs, flooring or tile, or any similar finish materials and permit costs. You best know your style and we find it best to let our clients choose their finishing; we install door knobs supplied in our scope. 

We also complete partial rough in packages for the handy client, such as frame only, frame electrical, frame electrical HVAC and so on. These packages start at $8.00 per square foot. 

If you're really trying to cut costs, these are the best ways to save money:

1. Finish only the space you actually need, and leave some unfinished space for storage.
2. Use carpet flooring whenever possible. This is one of the very best ways to save money.
3.Choose a one piece fiberglass tub or shower instead of a tiled shower if electing a bathroom.